Italia Day Heads Held High States Emotional Leonardo Bonucci

Italia Day Heads Held High States Emotional Leonardo Bonucci

Leonardo Bonucci states Italia are losing sight of Euro 2016 using their heads held high after having suffered an impressive penalty shootout defeat to world champions Germany.

Italia lost 6-5 on penalties carrying out a 1-1 draw after additional time in Bordeaux, with Bonucci certainly one of four Azzurri players to overlook within an unbelievable shootout, getting earlier scored in the place within the other half to block out Mesut Ozil’s opener.

Your opponent, who had been emotional following the match, feels there’s no shame in defeat for Antonio Conte’s side and believes they’ve proven in a position to hold their very own against any European opposition.

“Penalties really are a lottery plus they made one less mistake than us,” Bonucci stated to Rai.

“Manuel Neuer did well to see me however i might have done better. We’d stated at the beginning of this adventure when we went, we’d to get it done with heads held high.

“Over two hours I believe we went foot-to-foot using the World Cup winners. We’re departing with this heads held high and I am proud to possess been thing about this group.

“Heading out always hurts, however these men, in the coach and president to each player, were great men. We put our heart to the help out all the games and each work out.

“During these competitions you need to be an organization so we understood it had been the only method to have our say. We beat Belgium, The country and Norway, then came using the world champions.

“We’ll go ahead and take good out of this tournament in to the next 2 yrs. We’ve performed as equals against everyone.

“All of us feel lower, we’re disappointed but additionally happy with how close we’re towards the Italian people. They’ve us a lot enthusiasm so we aspire to make them proud.

“Conte was sad concerning the defeat, but thanked the boys he labored with.”

Germany – who’ve now went to the final four of six consecutive major tournaments – will will continue to face France or Iceland in Thursday’s semi-final.




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