I Was Too Quick to create Off Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo, Again!

I Was Too Quick to create Off Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo, Again!

By Terry Baddoo

Lionel Messi got hurt. Cristiano Ronaldo was firing blanks. Armageddon was here.

The beginning of a few days would be a naysayer’s dream in media, as pundits and numerous columnists forecast a time of gloom for Spanish soccer’s elite.

Being an editor once explained – only half jokingly, I believe – great news isn’t any news whatsoever. However in fairness to individuals compensated to intensify the negative, unhealthy luck afflicting La Liga’s marquee men seemed to be reason to be concerned among Cules and Madridistas alike.

Inside a league perhaps more determined by its greatest stars than any in soccer, the idea of the Barcelona and Real Madrid figureheads missing for action, literally or figuratively speaking, might not have been the crisis some portrayed it as being, however it certainly discontinued script for Luis Enrique and Rafael Benitez.

However, within the words of ailing British soccer legend, Jimmy Greaves, “football is really a funny old game.” Within 24 hrs, the storm in every particular tea cup had subsided to get replaced with a wave of optimism.

First, while Messi-less Barcelona spluttered in early stages in your own home to Bayer Leverkusen within the Champions League normal service was eventually started again using the Blaugrana drained 2-1 winners. And why did anybody doubt that might be the situation? In the end, strength thorough is paramount to the team’s supremacy, even though la Pulga is clearly a distinctive player within the good reputation for the sport, the concept that Barca would collapse like Arjen Robben within the field because of the temporary lack of one man surely only existed inside a headline-authors fantasy.

Yes, Leo’s magic wand was missed and will also be missed, but any club boasting the creative talents of Neymar, Suarez and also the rest must have pixie dust to spare.

The doubters were also in pressure within the scoring drought of Cristiano Ronaldo. The stats, 5 goals in a single game, no goals within the rest, spoke on their own and, with some gloating, there have been even whispers that, at 30, this may be the start of the finish for CR7’s glory days.

But simply like individuals who forecast bad occasions for Bar?a, the truth got when it comes to the speculation. Ronaldo’s brace against Malmo required his career tally to 501 top flight goals for club and country and introduced him level with Raul just as real Madrid’s all-time top scorer with 323 in under half the amount of games. What’s Portuguese for “How d’you like them apples?”

Now, obviously, the “crisis” isn’t entirely over. Messi continues to have a couple of days of recovery in front of him and Ronaldo’s barren spell still needs to be addressed around the domestic front. But possibly, having seen Bar?a and Ronnie rise towards the challenge in Europe individuals compensated to create mountain tops from molehills is a little docile within their judgment… well, a minimum of for any couple of days.



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  1. reckless-man

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