Wayne Rooney Declares He Will Never Join Another Premier League Club

Wayne Rooney Declares He Will Never Join Another Premier League Club

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has ruled out ever playing for another Premier League club ahead of England’s Euro 2016 campaign.

Since signing for United from boyhood club Everton in 2004, Rooney has come close to leaving Manchester on a number of occasions, most notably in 2010 when he handed in a transfer request amid strong interest from Premier League rivals Chelsea.

The 30-year-old was eventually handed a new contract at United, before interest from Jose Mourinho – ironically the club’s new manager – upon his return to Chelsea for a second stint in 2013 once again tempted the English forward.

But with Mourinho installed and the United captaincy his, Rooney has no plans of playing for anyone else in the Premier League.

“I am happy to say now that, whatever may happen in the future, I will never play for another Premier League club,” Rooney said while speaking at the launch of the Wayne Rooney Foundation.

His statement ruled out a return to Everton, and could see England’s all-time record goalscorer finish his career abroad.

But that could still be some while away with Mourinho lavishing his star man with praise at the charity launch.

“Wayne is, and has been, England’s best player for over a decade,” Mourinho said.

Rooney is closing in on Bobby Charlton’s all-time goalscoring record at United, needing just five more goals to eclipse the club and England great.

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