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  1. ReadingOnThames

    A quick look around the web shows that there is now a growing body of evidence that the impact of a ‘park and ride’ carpark in or near a town tends to encourage more car use.You can look at the Wikipedia entry where one study notes that ‘the survival of local politicia1 is dependent upon [a car park’s] continuation, irrespective of its actual success.’Two thirds of park and rides have no effect or increase car journeys according to an academic study.More journeys are made as people make a car trip to the new car park that they otherwise wouldn’t have. More bus journeys are taken from the car park, and as more people co1ider that congestion into town might have eased, they too make a new car journey into town that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Traffic into town remai1 in the same awful congested state, plus the park and ride traffic.

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